scil vIP®

Product description

Patient Administration

The scil vIP®Manager structures your patient data simple and clever! The user interface is clearly structured and offers an intuitive handling to link patient data with the patient owner data. Measurement results are automatically connected to the patient data. Look and click to the software to receive detailed information about your data!

Interface Administration

scil vIP®allows a direct connection between your in-house laboratory devices and your clinic management software. Use the scil vIP® Console as a middleware tool and connect your instrument to your IT system easily. scil vIP® generates a standardized data format for all laboratory devices. Due to this function as a middleware, scil vIP® allows a standardized data transfer to your practice management software. New instruments can be installed without any problems.

Measurement Result

The scil vIP® Manager records all transferred measurement data without limitation in time and quantity. Reference values and histograms are prepared graphically to provide a better overview for the diagnostic finding. Furthermore scil vIP® allows to add additional or external measurement results to your measurement data.

Practice information software

scil vIP® is a modern and easy-to-use practice information software. scil vIP® includes two components – the scil vIP®Manager and the scil vIP® Console.

The software works as an independent practice information software or as a middleware dedicated to the laboratory who acts as an interface between the analyzers and the practice management software.

scil vIP® allows a structured and clearly arranged administration of the patient data. scil vIP® saves all measurement results and assigns the results to the patient data. It provides the patient owner with a print out of the measurement results in combination with your clinic data!