scil IPS

Product description

scil IPS

Digital radiography is technology that can increase workflow efficiency drastically, improve diagnosis, expedite treatment, eliminate film processing and dramatically reduce X-ray re-takes.

Advanced Acquisition and Review PACS Software

14 years of experience in the human and Veterinary markets. Special tools for Veterinary Medicine - Measurement for Hip Dysplasia, Image Filters, Orthopedic Software for Surgery and Image Stitching Software is fully integrated with some X-ray generators so you can control the dv, ms and mAs directly from the software. Worklist Modalities - DICOM transfer from other modalities into PACS software (Ultrasound, Endoscope, etc.), Query and Retrieve. The only vendor who can do a direct send of X-ray settings to the generator through acquisition software

Reference: Dr. Kutter

Dr Kutter of Kutter Pet Care Center has been practicing veterinary medicine for over 33 years. Our staff of 28, including four doctors, provides full medical, boarding and grooming services seven days a week. We consider ourselves a “specialty practice” specializing in customer service. For that very reason we chose to work with SCIL when we made our decision to go digital with our x-ray system.

The ability to present a concise, true picture of the issue at hand right in the exam room helps further our image of a caring and well equipped facility. The fact that we can do it quickly and develop a treatment plan without wasting a clients valuable time, promotes our customer service.

We made our decision to purchase our DR system in late March of 2012. Our installation was set for May 2012 and we were up and running and fully integrated with Avimark and Dragonfly by mid May. From May to September our radiograph revenues have increased 95% over the previous year, and our staff is more productive for the following reasons:

  • No time consuming and messy chemical changes
  • No film to inventory, file, order, or store
  • X-rays can be e-mailed for a second opinion instead of a trip to the post office
  • Image results are faster, better quality, and easy to enhance thereby resulting in less retakes or repositioning of patients which means less time under anesthesia
  • We experience fewer missed charges with the integration of the practice software
  • We can easily take a series of x-rays for a patient and call them up for viewing quickly through the practice software. 

Relationships are valuable. As we value our relationships with our clients, clearly SCIL values their relationship with us. They have met our needs, provided excellent service and support, and worked with us to use our equipment to the benefit of our practice and ultimately our clients and their pets.