Canon Digital Radiography System

Product description

About Canon

scil animal care, a division of Henry Schein Animal Health is pleased to have expanded its DR portfolio offering and partnered with the industry gold standard in detector solutions, Virtual Imaging, Inc. a Canon company. Known worldwide for image quality, Canon pioneered DR technology with the introduction of the world’s first digital radiography detector in 1997 and has established themselves as the leader for providing premium detectors worldwide!

The Canon CXDI Digital Radiography (DR) Systems are designed to help healthcare professionals attain a high level of performance, usability and reliability. By utilizing technology and solutions that help accelerate exams and maintain productive workflow, practitioners can increase productivity while providing quality care. 

CXDI Control Software NE

This software is made exclusively for use with Canon Digital Radiography Systems which helps to optimize workflow, producing premium images. It provides quick image confirmation, network distribution, supports multiple study acquisition, can be easily tailored to individual clinical preferences and helps provide the delivery of consistent and high-resolution images with the Canon CXDI Digital Radiography Detectors. 

Low Dose

The Canon CXDI Detector incorporates the Canon LANMIT (Large Area New Metal-Insular Semiconductor and TFT) X-Ray image sensor, a digital radiography device that makes it possible to acquire high-resolution medical image data with a low radiation dose. 

Veterinary Table (option)

• High frequency generator with state of the art veterinary table
• Anatomical programming
• Fully integrated