scil DDX-R Digital Dental Software

Product description

scil DDX-R Software

scil’s DDX-R (Digital Dental X-Ray) software is built on the latest platform to ensure a top quality product and software longevity. The intuitive software is easy to use and contains all of the features you need to effectively implement Digital Dental X-Ray into your clinic today. The species selection upon acquisition renders the corresponding biological mounts, the viewing software allows you to view up to 6 images at a time on-screen and the advanced report tool allows you to create a custom report from anywhere within the software. This advanced software combined with a rugged USB dental sensor will convert your clinic from film to digital seamlessly with a solution that will stay current for years to come.

scil Sensor

Theoretical Resolution: 26.3 lp/mm
Real resolution: > 20 lp/mm
Scintillator: CSI deposited on fiber-less substrate
Intelligent auto-trigger Active sensor area: #2 (25mm x 33mm) 825mm
Outer dimensions: 30.4mm x 42.8mm Sensor thickness: 5.41mm
Robust 2 meter USB sensor cable robust hermetically sealed sensor casing
Insurance plan to protect sensor for 5 years